Modern production lines apply tubes as a part of construction or as a
pipeline. Our carbon fibre reinforced tubes are lighter than steel,
tough, chemically neutral and impermeable.
Because of high tensile strength and weight reduction, carbon fibre
has substantial advantage as a reinforcement for power transfer
shafts manufacturing. Manufacturing of fireproof shafts can be based
on Al2O3-roving or textiles. Density of tubes that are reinforced with
alumina fibre is higher than of carbon fibre reinforced tubes, which
allows them to sustain higher pressure simultaneously, demonstrating
outstanding fireproof qualities.

We are able to produce the following tube shapes in moulding or winding technology:

The length of the tubes depends on the manufacturing process with measurements ranging
from 300 mm to 1400 mm, as a standard. The wall thickness can vary between 0,5 mm and
10 mm, as a standard.

Some applications are:
• Tubes with diameters 8mm–50mm are useful for UHF-SHF antennas, microwave
absorbers, radar reflectors and probes
• Tubes with diameters 50mm–300mm are useful as pipelines, heat pipes and static
carrier systems
• Tubes and shells with diameters 300mm–900mm are useful for industrial furnaces,
processing equipment, collision shells, industrial gondolas and cabins