Basalt Rebars


Basalt Rebar is an ideal advanced material to replace steel and glass rebar. It can be provided with different sizes and and appearance bars to meet clients demanding.Such as, sand-coated, without sandcoated, rod, basalt rebar with steel core inside, which is widely used in the production of building components, panels, barriers, sidewalk, pavement, facing slabs and many other structural components, in view of their high electro-insulating poperties, basalt bars are used for making insulators for high-voltage power lines, hydraulic engineering, concrete barriers, highlighting poles & seismic hazards. And rebar with cable in the core is new technlogy to supervise the condition of buildings, airports, tunnels, etc.

To its chemical inertness the basalt reinforcement is compatible with concretes having differen  “PH”, having actually the same coefficient of thermal expansion, and no residual deformation under bending .


CodeNominal Diameter (mm)Weight (g/m+-5%)Coil lenght (m)
ALBFRP-1616405Piece lenght cut according to request.
ALBFRP-1919592Piece lenght cut according to request.
ALBFRP-2222768Piece lenght cut according to request.
ALBFRP-25251076Piece lenght cut according to request.