Geo-mesh is useful for reinforcing asphalt-concrete (covering in construciton, reconstruction and repair of airports, runways, highways and any pavements, pedestrian ways, road inlines and banks. The reinforcement of disc cutters with basalt nets increase their reliability, safety, and the cutting process output. The strength of basalt net is as good as metal reinforcement, however it is also 2.6 times lighter, thereby simplifying transportation and handling in construction.

Basalt Geo-mesh is more durable than metallic and glass-fiber reinforcement due to basalt fibers’ excellent performance. Like all the basalt articles, the net is an ecologically safe material.


CodeWieght ( g/m2)Size (mm)Thickness (mm)Width(mm)Roll lenght (m)
ALGM-2502505x50.6-0.7300-200050 / 100
ALGM-12016510x100.7-0.8300-200050 / 100
ALGM-30035025X250.8-0.9300-200050 / 100