Surface activation
We manufacture fibre reinforced plastics and preceramics with
conductive metal surfaces for copper, silver and gold. Metal layers
are manufactured from our COMPOSITE materials in a thermal
process. They possess the same temperature constancy as the
corresponding metals.

• Light weight antennas for UHF-SHF, microwave or radar, with outstanding
mechanical stiffness
• High temperature insulators with conductive surface
• Light weight HF absorbers with mechanical solidity and thermal resistance
• Ultraviolet and corrosion resistant installations on antenna systems

Insulating surfaces
Insulating surface of COMPOSITE C guards from electrical and thermal flow.
In thermal processing our alumina surface protects from carbonization.
Other applications:
• Prevention of short cuts in high temperature atmospheres
• Passivation of carriers for thermal processing
• Absorbers for plasma processing
• Insulators for thermal processing